Mavis + Pierce

August 2014 Sometimes there are people who you come to feel comfortable with and appreciate over the course of a long friendship. And sometimes there are people who you say hi to, maybe crack one weird joke with, and immediately realize that they are just flat out awesome. This second way is how it went […]


August 2014 This summer has been such a whirlwind! We’re in the middle of new jobs, anticipating grad-school for Eric, moving into our apartment, weddings, birthdays, vacation… all the most wonderful things a summer can offer! It’s quite a beautiful crazy stage. My evening with Shanley was an adventurous one! We hopped in my Honda […]

Abby + Cam

Abby and Cam are getting married!!¬†When I met Abby at North Park, she and Cam had just transitioned from long-time bffs to dating, so I heard a lot from Abby about the boyfriend going to college¬†in Michigan. It has been so fun to see them fall more in love and I am so excited to […]