Mavis + Pierce

August 2014

Sometimes there are people who you come to feel comfortable with and appreciate over the course of a long friendship. And sometimes there are people who you say hi to, maybe crack one weird joke with, and immediately realize that they are just flat out awesome. This second way is how it went when I took Mavis and Pierce’s engagement photos. Just after spending a couple hours with them, I could tell that they really admire and depend on each other. And not only is their relationship with each other awesome, but together they have a way of accepting and encouraging those around them. I had such a blast with them doing their photos and am sure our future encounters will be just as fun!

IMG_8884 IMG_8965 IMG_9068 IMG_9092 IMG_9109 IMG_9199 IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9298 IMG_9365 IMG_9404 IMG_9427 IMG_9582 IMG_9685 IMG_9699 IMG_9775

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