Cam + Abby


St. Paul, MN

When I first met Abby in college, one of the first things she said about herself had to do with her family. She talked about her parents, to whom she was and is very close, and said that they were still very very much in love. Not only did she say that she admires this, but I can see it in her eyes when she looks at Cam. I know what Abby said of her parents will be said of her and Cam many years from now. Cam + Abby are high school sweethearts, and are the kind of couple that makes you believe in all the romantic stories. They have this certain way of being together- always a bit flirty, always a bit dreamy, and completely real and unafraid to be themselves. I am honored to call them friends and will never forget their amazing day filled with light and love and all their people.


Jake + Abby


Jake + Abby just celebrated their one year anniversary! Though I’m just ridiculously behind on my blogging these days, there’s something I love about looking back at weddings after some time has gone by. Since Jake is my brother, I get the unique experience of witnessing his and Abby’s marriage quite often since shooting their wedding. And while their day was easily one of my favorites I’ve ever worked, I can say that their marriage is even more beautiful to see. They are kind, driven, silly, adventurous, brave, and loyal; I so admire them for these things among many many more!

Lancaster, PA

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Kierstynn + Dan

Boy oh boy do I just get the best ones! You know how some couples are sort of that “opposites attract” thing where one person is really loud and the other person is really quiet, or one is really athletic and the other is really smart? Well these two are not that kind of couple when it comes to being sweet and kind and just really really good people. They BOTH are ALL of those things! I am honored to have a little peek into Kiersynn + Dan’s story together and to see how they treat each other and those around them with kindness. I can’t wait for their wedding coming up in just a handful of days!!