Hello! I am Elyn Marie Fullen. I love the water- especially the water of Lake Michigan. I see beauty in eyes and feel life in stories. I sing, I run, I’m sort of loud. I’m a grammar geek, I get excited about psychology, I don’t have a spleen, and I don’t cook very often. I plan to someday name my pet elephant after my favorite flower, Tulip (my husband is totally on board with that plan. Usually).

I’ve been a photographer since I first fell in love with it on a trip to India in 2010. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how amazing this world is! Photography helps me to appreciate and creatively organize the subtle details and vast moments of life.

Eric and I live in West Michigan where we spend our free time at Lake Michigan, a couple blocks away sipping coffee at Lemonjello’s, or watching The Office in our cozy living room.




Wedding Wire: Couples’ Choice Awards 2018

Read all of our wedding reviews on our Elyn Marie Photography Storefront at Wwlogo 83x19


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