August 2014

This summer has been such a whirlwind! We’re in the middle of new jobs, anticipating grad-school for Eric, moving into our apartment, weddings, birthdays, vacation… all the most wonderful things a summer can offer! It’s quite a beautiful crazy stage.

My evening with Shanley was an adventurous one! We hopped in my Honda Accord and drove in circles through the countryside at golden hour- and I have to say, we hit the jackpot! It was the perfect way to do this girl’s photos. I’ve watched her grow up like a little sister to me, and love how adventurous and expressive her beautiful spirit is. Shanley’s one of a kind and I can’s wait to see her go make her mark on the world.

IMG_6945 IMG_6897 IMG_6859 IMG_6799 IMG_6783 IMG_6693 IMG_6631 IMG_6365 IMG_6256 IMG_6196 IMG_6191 IMG_6185

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