Thomas Family

October 2014

It has been quite the fall. We’ve had day after day of sunny, crisp, colorful, priceless, midwest autumn. Eric and I have filled our days with walks on the beach, home projects, coffee dates with friends, and bike rides around the neighborhood (when we have a spare moment amidst the multiple jobs, grad school courses, and homework, that is). It’s actually been quite a chaotic season. I love to look back, though, and appreciate all the small moments that have made up our fall so far.

Another thing I love about fall is the beauty I get to observe through my lens. The Thomas family is one full of energy and excitement and love- and believe me when I say they know what it means to have a family dance party! JT and Annie have always been a huge encouragement to Eric and I in our marriage, and we look up to them so much. Their awesome kids just sweeten the deal with all of their kisses and giggles and eternal imaginations. They were all so fun to spend such a crisp fall morning with and the post-photo-shoot donut run didn’t hurt either!





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