September 2014

Ok, world. I guess it’s high time I share these with you! I’ve been hoarding them for a while now, mostly because I’ve had no idea how I would choose which ones to post when I want to post them all! Alas, here they are.

Sophie is someone who you can relax around. She’s that person who brings a feeling of calm and that everything is ok into every room she’s in. She’s always been that way. When we were little, it looked like little-toddler-Sophie bringing me all my stuffed animals, one by one, when I was crying on my bed about who knows what. Now, it looks like all-grown-up-Sophie always taking the time to listen, always having a hand to hold. I’ve watched my little sister grow up this way. If you know me and my spit-fire, impulsive, clumsy personality, it should be no wonder that her patience and calming spirit baffle me. Sophie has watched her 5 older siblings grow up and move away to college over the past 10 years, and now it’s her turn! I know that this young woman is going to continue to bring peace and right-ness into all the future rooms she is going to walk into.

Alright, now that I’m crying I guess I’ll show you some pictures. Love you to pieces, Soph!



IMG_5734 IMG_5254












IMG_4976 IMG_4978


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